Thermoskin Hinged Elbow SupportOne of the best methods to treat elbow injuries is through the use of an elbow support brace. Modern elbow braces not only help in the rehabilitation of your injured arm and elbow, but they also provide additional strength even as you are going through an injury.

One such elbow sleeve that makes use of new developments in sports rehabilitation technology is the Thermoskin hinged elbow support brace.

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Thermoskin Hinged Elbow Support - packagingSpecifications

  • Made of the following materials: 57% Neoprene rubber foam on the mid-layer, 34% latex-free polyester on the inner layer, and 9% nylon
  • Trioxon linings are inserted, allowing sufficient ventilation on the elbow and preventing the constriction of blood and oxygen on your muscles
  • X-cross hook and loop locking straps restrict the range of motion of your elbow and provide stability
  • Medial and lateral hinges stop further bending of the elbow, thus preventing hyperextension from occurring.
  • Comes available in five sizes of Small (9 to 10 ½ inches), Medium (10 ½ to 11 ¾ inches), Large (12 to 13 ¾ inches), X-Large (14 to 15 ¾ inches) and XX-Large (16 to 17 ¾ inches)
  • Approximate weight is about 1 lb.


Thermoskin Hinged Elbow Support BraceThe secret of the Thermoskin elbow support brace lies in the Trioxon material used in the lining. Compared to other similarly-designed support sleeves, Trioxon can capture the body heat emanating from a person’s body which in this case, is in your arm and elbow.

One of the best elbow sleeves for aiding recovery while keeping your active lifestyle alive

However, Trioxon does not trap all that heat like an appliance in your kitchen. It creates what some have called a “microclimate” wherein your skin experiences sufficient ventilation while being kept warm.

Active individuals who have experienced how to nurse various injuries know for a fact that heat therapy is one of the most effective ways for treating injuries to the muscles and joints. Such is the principle that is used by the Thermoskin elbow brace.

By creating a warm, well-heated area around your elbow, blood vessels near the injured portion stimulated and react by increasing blood flow. This reaction is what reduces swelling and inflammation, the source of your elbow pain like when you have hyperextended it.

The strap design of the Thermoskin hinged elbow brace restricts the range of motion of your arm and also the angle by which you can bend your elbow. This is important in healing and recovery from the injury, as further over-extension from sudden movements might injure again your elbow which further prolongs the process of getting back to normal condition.

Pros and Cons

Thermoskin Hinged Elbow Support with packagingThe Thermoskin brace has been shown to be effective in the treatment of various elbow injuries. Those who have tried using it were amazed as it helps in the rehab of elbow ailments like tendonitis, arthritis and rheumatic pain, bursitis of the elbow, fibrositis, elbow joint pains which include both acute and chronic, myositis of the elbow, tennis elbow.

It has also been shown to be an excellent rehabilitation tool for those who have undergone surgery on their arm.

The hinge and strap design were shown to be excellent in the prevention of further injury by trapping the elbow such that hyperextending it is almost impossible. Doing so is akin to putting a cast on an injured area which although restrictive in feel, is an all too familiar feeling in those with an active lifestyle and have experienced going through a serious injury.

One thing first-time users and owners noted about the Thermoskin elbow support is the time it takes to put it on. They noted that the effectiveness of this particular elbow support sleeve is that best results are attained by making sure the hinges are properly aligned with your elbow joint. So learning to put it on properly will require your time and patience as this is essential to achieve best results.

While the Thermoskin support is very much intended to keep your elbow warm because of the Trioxon technology, there are some complaints about this. A few users have complained that is just a short while their elbows were dripping of sweat, as the makers may have made it too effective in keeping the injured area warm.

Finally, though many of these elbow sleeves are designed to be used day and night, there are some who found it to be not comfortable enough to be worn when resting or sleeping.

Any adverse reaction of your skin to the wearing of this elbow brace and you should immediately remove it as further usage defeats its primary purpose, which is to provide comfort for your elbow.

Thermoskin Hinged Elbow Support - size chart and model numbers

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