Fixed Arm Splint Colecast Support Elbow Brace


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The Fixed Arm Splint Colecast Support Elbow Brace helps to immobilize the elbow and wrist. Immobilization is a basic principle in the treatment of injuries and overloads and it speeds up the recovery process significantly. This specializes in immobilizing the elbow joint and the proximal radioulnar joint

Features of Fixed Arm Splint Brace

  • immobilization of the elbow with inclusion of the wrist
  • textile base material with Colecast fasteners
  • preformed stabilizers along the extensor and flexor side, removable and reshaped
  • skin-friendly, non-slip terry as an inner liner
  • continuous dosage of fastening pressure
  • light weight


  • conservative treatment of fractures in the area of ​​the elbow joint
  • postoperative after osteosynthesis
  • posttraumatic after contusion, ligament injury or dislocation
  • inflammatory soft tissue and joint diseases

Size Chart

Size Length (cm) Width (cm)
S 22 19-25
M 31 26-35
L 36 27-37