Elastic Elbow Compression Support Sleeve Brace


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The Elastic Elbow Support brace ensures stability at the elbow joint due to its knitted fabric and anatomically shaped functional elements. Your compression increases the sensorimotor perception of the joint and gives you improved feedback. Connective tissue and muscles are lightly massaged, pain caused by excessive strain subside faster and the risk of injury is reduced.

The Elastic Compression Support Sleeve relieves elbow pain, stabilizes the joint and relieves the tendons, fasciae and muscles. When moving, the body’s own muscle contraction, together with the compression knitted fabric and the viscoelastic pads of the brace, produce an alternating pressure massage on the tissue. This improves blood circulation, stimulates the metabolism and reduces edema and hematomas more quickly.

Features of Elbow Compression Support Sleeve Brace

  • Relieves irritation of the elbow in a targeted manner
  • Stabilizes the elbow
  • The sleeve relieve the irritated attachments of the flexors and extensors of the fingers with two components
  • Strongly structured high-low knitted fabric ensures a secure fit and comprehensive proprioceptive stimulation
  • Designed for longer active wearing times thanks to the airy comfort zone in the elbow and compression-reduced edges


  • Chronic, post-traumatic or post-operative soft tissue irritation in the area of ​​the elbow joint
  • Joint effusion, after operations on the elbow and after sports injuries
  • Distortion
  • arthrosis
  • Contusion

Size Chart

Size Length (cm)
S 20-25
M 25-30
L 30-35
XL 35-40