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Neuro Splint Electronic Wrist Brace Review

Carpal tunnel syndrome is one the most debilitating conditions your hand and wrist can incur. The cause of CTS is not entirely certain, but some conditions may put you at risk of it such as your genes, chronic medical illness, and even repetitive inappropriate hand movements.

To manage CTS, and other similar non-surgical conditions that affect the wrist from sprains to breakages, the wrist brace was invented.

Presently, there are a plethora of different varieties of such product, but only a few have done it right. One brand, in particular, rises above the others in terms of sheer innovation, and that is Neurosplint.

Their electronic wrist brace, which integrates advanced tech features, is approved by the FDA and has been made to enhance the functions of a conventional wrist brace.


For the most part, this electronic wrist brace made by NeuroSpectrum works just like any other wrist support gear. But what separates it from the rest, and certainly what makes it special, is its impressive feedback system.

By using a smart sensor and multiple notification methods, the brace can track your hand and wrist movement, while also alerting you of any harmful motions and positions.

Other specifications of the product:

  • Ideal for carpal tunnel syndrome and wrist injuries
  • Made from padded bio-compatible fabrics
  • Features an audio, visual, and tactile feedback system
  • One week battery duration which can be recharged via micro USB
  • Removable inserts for extra support during rest


At first glance, you will immediately take notice of the futuristic build the Neurosplint sports, which is fitting given its highly advanced features. This product managed to maintain the core functions of what an ideal wrist brace should possess, and improve it two-folds by incorporating an innovative biofeedback system.

The benefits of wrist support but with 21st Century technology

Through extensive research and development, as well as the collective efforts of the interdisciplinary neurosurgical and biomechanics specialist teams, this FDA approved wrist splint and ergonomic feedback device made it into the world.

Although it is fairly new in the orthopedic brace market, this model has already made huge waves with its smart and responsive functionality.

Some of the biggest contributors to this particular wrist brace’s innovativeness are its own microprocessor and positional sensor. With just these two components, the brace can keep track of your wrist and your hand’s movements with impeccable precision and without delay.

How does it work you ask? Well, the Neurosplint wrist brace makes use of its magnetic sensor to identify your wrist’s degree of movement by measuring flux density in lieu of actual distance. This way, the reading is faster and more accurate, giving you plenty of room to react and correct your hand and wrist position.

But how do you know if your wrist orientation is no longer ideal? Well, just as mentioned above, this specific electronic wrist brace employs an alert system to notify you of any dangerous wrist movements. And it provides not just one, not two, but three modes of notification.

With the slightest shift of your wrist towards an undesired position, the Neurosplint instantly sends visual, tactile, and audio, cues to help you transpose your wrist back to proper alignment.

For the visual cue, the flexion and extension light will turn on depending on which direction your wrist incorrectly moves to, while the tactile cue will cause vibration to catch your attention. The audio prompt, on the other hand, uses sound.

Some may get the impression that these signals will prove to be quite annoying, which is true to some degree. But, the main purpose of such warning system is not to pester you with constant alerts; rather, it aims to correct your behavior and harmful positional habit in conformance to what is best for your injured wrist.

With these precautionary features in place, there is a lesser risk for further harm to your injured wrist. But what exactly sets the condition for such warnings? Well, that is for you to decide, or whatever your consultant indicates.

By using the device’s keypad, you can input the degree of flexion and extension your wrist is allowed, and going beyond your custom parameters will directly trigger the alert system.

This electric brace’s patented feedback system is ideal if you want an unrestricted, yet monitored, range of motion during day activity. But what about during rest periods? Well, in such situations, the device can be implanted with removable inserts to give the brace a more rigid form.

With the inserts in place, the brace is able to provide optimal immobilization to your injured wrist. This is recommended for when you cannot keep an eye on your injury, such as during sleep.

Other inputs on the brace’s command keypad include the power on/off and feedback mode button, a warning range setting button, and an indicator for low battery. Speaking of battery, the one that powers this device can last up to 1 week and is chargeable via micro USB.

In terms of binding method, NeuroSpectrum equipped the Nuerosplint with easy to fasten Velcro straps. The straps are also adjustable so you can modify the fit according to your liking, or to whatever is most comfortable with you.

Pros and Cons

Having your injured wrist be properly supported is one thing, but for a device to notify you whenever you make a wrong move truly displays a whole new level of customer care. Thanks to its patented wrist splint and biofeedback support, the Neurosplint stays useful day in and day out.

The ability to set your own degree of wrist flexion and extension parameters also allows you to slowly adjust your wrist movement restriction, ensuring a natural and correct healing process. And although some may find the notification feature to be bothersome, its purpose is for your own good.

Summary Overall, the Neurosplint electronic wrist brace is a product of innovation. It is rare to find a brace that cares about not just your injury, but also your behavior towards such physical impairment. If you want a wrist support that will protect you while also keeping you in line, then this product is all that you’ll need.

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