NEOtech Care Maternity Belt Review

Pregnancy causes a lot of changes in the female body, both inside and out. Your mood will change, your sleeping and eating patterns will adjust, and perhaps most obviously, your entire abdomen will increase in size, among plenty more. Mainly, as your belly and baby grow, it can cause a great deal of strain on your back.

However, you don’t have to suffer from it through the whole 9 months. This is where the NEOtech Care maternity belt comes in. It is a wearable device that will help support your growing abdomen, thus relieving the strain on your back, and promote better posturing. If you’re suffering from massive lower back pain brought by all the weight of your baby bump, then find out below how this product can help you.


This NEOtech Care product is what would be considered as an extra support maternity belt, which is one out of three different kinds. The other two being the single strap and the full prenatal cradle. It is made with stretchable materials mainly constructed from a combination of polyester and nylon.

It’s also designed with 4 heavy-duty elastic side panels. Furthermore, the unit is fully adjustable and is available in five varying sizes: from small, medium, large, extra-large, and double extra-large.


This maternity belt by NEOtech Care is dedicated to reducing your level of pain during pregnancy. It is designed to comfortably wrap around your waist and firmly support your lower back and abdomen. Plus, it’s easy to wear and adjust, allowing you to continue with your daily activities without much annoyance.

Constructed with 60% nylon and 40% polyester, this pregnancy brace will feel soft and gentle to your skin, should you choose to wear it without any thin layer of clothing first. This material combination will also cause fewer chances of irritation on your skin, especially if you have a sensitive one.

The NEOtech Care pregnancy brace is also completely adjustable, meaning you can use it all the way to the end of your pregnancy. Having good fit adjustability also result in better compression management. This allows you to have control over how much tension or pressure is applied to your back and lower abdomen.

Speaking of compression, it is an important feature for products such as this one. Since your uterus will continue to expand as your baby develops, your abdominal wall will also be push outward. Obviously, this will cause some discomfort. But, with the right amount of pressure applied via this maternity belt, the pain won’t be as pronounced compared to just leaving it be.

As for the back area, the 4 heavy-duty elastic side panels will provide an amazing mix of compression and ventilation. So, not only will you have better back pain relief from its pressure application, but this design will also help aerate your back, preventing it from getting too warm.

Unlike other similar products that have completely covered back panels, this model’s 4 elastic side panels will allow better ventilation. This prevents any build-up of moisture, which could potentially trigger skin itching and irritations.

However, do keep in mind that too much pressure can impede your circulation, which could be detrimental not only to you but especially to your baby. So, keep this in mind when adjusting the item. Furthermore, sitting and standing positions have different ideal fit tensions, so just tighten and loosen accordingly.

In regards to circulation, warmth is one contributing factor that can help promote such function, which the NEOtech Care maternity belt can certainly provide. By keeping your lower abdomen and back therapeutically warmed, the blood vessels in and around these areas open up, allowing better flow of blood.

You see, blood carries essential elements needed for oxygenation and tissue repair, ensuring that your back and other affected areas are healed faster. Promoting good circulation also encourages a better exchange of old and fresh blood between your heart and your baby’s heart, and vice versa, ensuring that your developing child receives optimal nourishment.

One feature that is unique to extra support maternity belts such as this NEOtech Care one, is the addition of a top strap. This added belt wraps across the upper part of your abdomen, allowing for better hold. It will also help keep the device in place, which normally becomes increasingly hard as your baby bump continues to enlarge.

When it comes to size availability, this product can be bought in 5 different dimensions, namely: S, M, L, XL, and XXL. Each size has its own corresponding belly circumference, ranging from 33-41”, 38-45”, to 42-49”, 46-54”, and 52-60.5”, respectively.

To get your own belly circumference, measure from your lower back all the way around to your lower abdomen. It’s also a wise choice to wait until your baby belly grows to a considerable size before you buy since this increases your likelihood of getting a size that you can continue to grow into throughout your pregnancy.

A lot of customers have already reported positive responses regarding this NEOtech Care product. Some have said they were able to continue on with their activities of daily living, without being bothered by their large belly. Others have also claimed that their backs haven’t been experiencing any debilitating pain since they started wearing this item.

Unfortunately, there are a few users that have complained about the fit inconsistencies of the product when used during standing and sitting. But, this is just probably because of a difference in torso height.

Lastly, before attempting to use this maternity belt or any other similar devices for that matter, it’s always recommended that you consult with your OB-GYNE first. Let your doctor’s best judgment decide whether you’re fit to use this kind of support gear.

The NEOtech Care maternity belt is a great product. It is, overall, one of the best extra support maternity belt out there. It has a good abdominal lift, ideal compression and good ventilation, quality material build, and best of all, it alleviates back pain effectively. So, if you want to continue doing your daily activities without discomforts, then this product will appeal to you most.

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