Neo G Medical Grade VCS Stabilized Open Knee with Patella Support Review

The Neo G medical grade VCS stabilized open knee with patella support has the best combination of stabilization and mobility. It takes firm hold of your injured or non-injured knee to prevent undesirable motions, while also not being too restrictive. This gives you a chance to perform at your best without losing reinforcement on your leg and knee area.

If you want to give your all during your performance without worry of overexertion, or if you want a continuous recovery from an existing knee injury, then this knee brace is most certainly for you.


Neo G Medical Grade VCS Stabilized Open Knee Brace with Patella Support – view from behind

This Neo G knee brace sports an open knee design that will not only help you maintain good control over your leg and knee’s movements, but will also help with the ventilation, or application of other therapeutic treatments like ice therapy.

It is also flexible when it comes to the fit, giving you sufficient freedom on how much compression is applied. Furthermore, the Neo G knee brace can also retain an ideal amount of heat, which is useful for relieving arthritic pain, and other general knee pains.

Other specification of the Neo G Medical Grade VCS knee brace:

  • Universal size
  • Uses metal spiral stays
  • Open patella design
  • Neoprene made
  • Uses two adjustable straps
  • Unisex and wearable on both left and right knees
  • Class 1 medical device
  • Moderate to firm level of support


Neo G Medical Grade VCS Stabilized Open Knee Brace with Patella Support – easy to use

Neo G has always produced premium and medical grade products, which are intended for both athletic and orthopedic use. Their compression technology is top-notch and guarantees a level of support that is loved by many professionals. So, it is really not a surprise for the Neo G Medical Grade VCS Stabilized Open knee brace with patella support to be just as impressive and quality-driven.

Most cases of knee injuries include the instability of the patellar bone, which can be very painful, especially with extreme movements. This is where the open knee design of the Neo G brace comes in. It has the support, the adjustability, and breathability, to do both with great success. Plus, it also has a stylish look that will make you look cool while wearing it.

Most brands of knee braces include the knee cap in their enclosure, which is great for immobilizing an unstable patella, at least for the most part. However, the design of the Neo G knee brace will also tend to limit the movement of your knee, which will restrict your full range of motion. But since the Neo G knee brace has an opening for the patellar bone, you will still have some degree of mobility to your knee, while also not losing support.

With the open patella design, along with the stitched buttress of the unit, you will receive better management on conditions like patellar tracking and knee strains. This will also add better support on your knee, and will improve stabilization to prevent accidental knee glides and twists.

Speaking of stabilization, this Neo G knee brace sports metal spirals to further add fortification to your leg and knee. This will make it easier for your knee to be properly immobilized, but without complete constriction. Plus, this will also aid in keeping arthritic and weak knees under control.

The spiral stays are also interchangeable on either side, which is ideal for distributing support as evenly as possible. This is great for positional changes, giving you the flexibility you need whenever you plan to start a new movement exercise for your affected knee.

In regards to the adjustability of the device, it offers two straps that you can easily tighten and loosen, according to your liking. With it, you will be able modify the grip of the brace, until you hit that sweet spot of optimal compression, which is important for relieving pain. Just don’t overdo it or you’ll cause more harm to your knee than good.

For the general construction of the item, it is manufactured with neoprene material. Neoprene is a type of synthetic rubber that contributes to this device’s overall heat application. As you may know, heat is very vital to a healing injury.

Warmth naturally widens the opening of blood vessels, which in turn increases the passage of blood through it. So, by providing enough warmth, thanks to the neoprene component of this knee brace, there will be more transport of blood towards your injured knee. And since blood carries important elements like oxygen and hormones, repair of damaged tissues become much faster, resulting in quicker recuperation.

The breathability of the Neo G Medical Grade VCS stabilized open knee support also helps in eliminating any moisture formation on your knee area typically caused by perspiration. This is useful in reducing microbial build-up, which will contribute to the prevention of skin reactions and musky odors.

There is only one size available for this this knee brace. However, it is universal, which means it can accommodate most people. To be more specific, it can fit a maximum thigh circumference of 22 inches, which is more than what other similar products can achieve.

You also won’t have to deal with fit orientation and gender compatibility since the device can actually be worn on both left and right knees, and is also applicable to both male and female users. Talk about diversity, right?

Pros and Cons

The combination of proper support and unrestricted movement that this knee brace by Neo G provides is definitely an advantage for those that want to attain peak performance while also maintaining optimal reinforcement. Furthermore, the open knee design of the product helps in managing strains, sprains, and patellar tracking conditions, with significant success.

Unfortunately, even though the two adjustable straps aid in achieving an ideal fit and desirable level of compression, some customers have claimed that the Velcro easily curls up and sometimes feel clunky against specific types of clothing, like ski pants and sweat pants.

Despite some minor shortcomings, particular on its Velcro strapping, the Neo G medical grade VCS stabilized open knee with patella support is, overall, still an amazing product. If you want a knee brace that will fully aid you, with or without injury, this one is the perfect match.

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