Neo G Medical Grade VCS Ankle Support with free figure of 8 strapAny individuals active in sports, especially those which involve a lot of running and jumping, are very prone to ankle injuries. A recent survey conducted in America has shown that more than a million people suffer from ankle injuries each year.

These injuries may be minor and require only rest and relaxation away from the game, but some can very severe and require recovery time of months to a year.

Wearing an ankle support is one way by which you can protect yourself from experiencing any ankle injuries before they occur. It can also help in your rehabilitation and recovery if going through an ankle injury. And one of the best ankle supports offered on the market today is the Neo G medical grade VCS ankle support.

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Neo G Medical Grade VCS Ankle Support - easy strapEvery unit of the Neo G VCS ankle support is guaranteed to help secure your ankle, decreasing the possibility that you will experience injury (or further damage). It will also stabilize the base and upper parts of the ankle, which will be beneficial both in the prevention and nursing of ankle injuries.

The following are the features of this ankle brace:

  • Made from neoprene, nylon, elastane, polyurethane, polyester and polypropylene for comfort
  • Medical Grade Class 1 medical device with register at FDA USA
  • Free figure 8 strap for extra support and compression
  • Neat, adjustable design and support to cover the entire ankle area and back portion of foot
  • Comes in universal size, able to accommodate up to size 12
  • Ambidextrous, can be used with either the left or the right ankle
  • Unisex design, can be used by both male and female
  • Compatible with a hot or cold therapy disc

Neo G Medical Grade VCS Ankle Support - quick fit and good support

Neo G Medical Grade VCS Ankle Support with free figure of 8 strap - universal sizeFeatures

When playing your favorite game of volleyball or basketball, how many times have you experienced landing awkwardly, your foot folding leftwards or rightwards? How many times have you accidentally stepped on another person’s foot, with you on the losing end with swollen ankles?

The best all-round ankle support, no matter your injury or the stage in your healing process

Just the thought is very painful isn’t it? But you need not worry anymore, once you grab hold and strap on the Neo G medical grade ankle support. With this, your ankle problems should be reduced significantly if not gone away totally.

The Neo G ankle support is specifically designed to help those who are experiencing strains and sprains. It will also help individuals who have weakened ankles or those where arthritis has set in. And because it is unisex and with a universal size, nearly every person should be able to use it whether it is for rehabilitation or injury prevention in nearly all activities.

Every time you use your legs, your ankles move also. During injury, unnecessary movements is what will hamper/delay recovery and slow the healing process. But with this ankle support, your ankle will be locked in place, only able to make appropriate movements.

By restricting the movement of your ankle and disciplining it to move in a certain way, your ankle will always be in the proper position and motion. This will ensure that the time table for rehab will be followed; it has been shown that using the ankle support can actually speed up the healing and recovery time.

In the prevention of injuries, your ankle will be encouraged to stay in the proper position for most of the time be it simple walking or when attempting high intensity activities like sprinting or jumping. Injury occurrence is less likely this way as your ankle is always in the proper position. Just make sure you watch your step as no ankle support can save you from accidentally stepping on another person!

The Neo G support comes with free figure 8 straps that will provide additional support and compression. The tight fit will help to warm the muscles and joints with heat therapeutic neoprene.

Pros and Cons

Neo G Medical Grade VCS Ankle Support - compression and heatPutting on the Neo G ankle support is very easy. The manufacturers made sure that strapping on this sportswear would not give you much hassle. The easy strap on design can be figured easily, done in just three steps. A manual may be provided with the box when you buy one and if not, the website of its manufacturers provides detailed info complete with illustrations.

The strap design is such that your ankle is much more secure, and the support is not easily removed no matter how much you might have your leg muscles contract. This design also provides compression, something which is very important when using the ankle support for rehabilitation. The material and the wrapping heats up your ankle, something which is very much welcomed by athletes as it provides a comfortable, relaxing feeling.

Some might feel some discomfort with the Neo G ankle support when strapping on for the first few times. For those who have allergic skin reactions to the materials like the nylon and polyester, it might not be advisable to use this product as it will lead to adverse reactions such as rashes and extreme itching. Be sure to check out this feature before putting on the ankle support.

During rehabilitation, it is very much expected that your movements will be restricted. This sportswear will definitely limit the range of movement of your ankle, as limiting movement is what will promote and facilitate healing. But this doesn’t mean to say you won’t be able to carry out your normal daily tasks.

For some who are not accustomed to wearing ankle supports, this could really restrict your movement especially your speed. Some may be rendered mostly ineffective during the game when wearing this ankle support. If so, it would be better advised to cease from playing and being active, until your ankle injury has really ceased.

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