Mueller Green Fitted Wrist Brace SupportInjuring your wrist is one of the worst things you can do to your body because it is not only extremely painful, but it also impedes your daily activities and lowers your level of productivity.

You may also have a long-term condition such as carpal tunnel syndrome, which could affect your daily routine and hinder the use of your joint.

Although rest is your most accessible remedy to such conditions, sometimes it is still not enough. Nor is it possible. This is where wrist bracing comes in.

One of the best ways to encourage your injured wrist to heal is to have it firmly supported, or braced to be more specific. You can do so by wearing a proper wrist support device. One good example of a wrist brace is the Mueller fitted wrist brace, which will be the main product in review of this article.

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Mueller Wrist Brace SupportThis wrist brace by Mueller looks very premium, but it is also the first environmentally friendly object of its kind.

It is made with recycled materials, so not only are you saving your injured wrist, but you are also doing nature a favor. Apart from its greener property, this rehabilitation gear also does everything a wrist support should do.

The fact that it also goes around your thumb provides extra support, and ensures you don’t make any sudden joint movements which could prevent full repairs.

Other specifications of the Mueller fitted wrist brace:

  • Comes with two adjustable straps
  • Has padding and support stays
  • Available sizes: small/medium, and large/extra-large
  • Made from non-petroleum and latex-free recycled materials

SizeMeasured around the wristLeft wristRight wrist
Small- Medium5 to 8 inchAmazonAmazon
Large-Extra Large8 to 10 inchAmazonAmazon


Mueller Wrist Brace Support - packagingMost brands of wrist braces are able to deliver support just fine, but not many can pair it with comfort. Some models are either too tight, or cause too much heat retention. Mueller’s wrist support causes none of those discomforts.

Designed with breathable fabric, this wrist brace is able to provide all-day comfort to your hand and wrist, without too much heat build-up. This is important because your injured wrist needs to breath to avoid excessive sweating.

Since your perspiration can cause skin irritations, reducing the amount of sweat you produce helps to decrease the number of microbes that gather on your skin, reducing itchiness. These microorganisms also cause body odor, so the breathability of this brace also helps in that regard.

In relation to bacterial reduction, this particular product has antimicrobial properties. This treatment focuses more on the condition of the wrist brace, making it odor-free, rids off any stains, and prevents bacterial growth, thus prolonging the quality of the item.

In terms of materials used, the Green line of this wrist support made by Mueller is manufactured using 67% recycled plastic PET bottles for the inner lining. As for the spandex binding, 73% recycled materials were utilized. All these were combined and formed without any use of petroleum, making the overall product that much greener.

When it comes to putting on the item, it is done as easy as sliding, which is the method deemed most efficient and pain-free. Depending on the severity of your injury, even the slightest nudge of your hand can cause excruciating agony. But thanks to the wrist brace slide-in insertion, your injury will not be subjected to any awkward positions. Instead, you just keep it straight until your wrist is completely covered by the brace.

For fastening, this specific wrist brace uses two adjustable straps. This binding method provides you enough flexibility to tighten and loosen the grip of the product to your liking. Through this, you can effortlessly find that perfect compression level for your injured wrist, which is important for managing inflammation and pain.

Mueller Wrist Brace Support - inside viewIf we are talking about rigidity, which is a vital element in the immobilization capability of a wrist brace, this product from Mueller uses two stabilization stays and padding around the spoon for such purpose. The former components add to the overall firmness of the brace, while the latter contributes more support and stabilization for your injured wrist. With these two, accidental over-flexion and over-extension of the wrist are avoided.

Despite securely immobilizing your injured wrist, this support still provides plenty of room for your thumb and fingers to move. By giving your digits full range of motion, your injured hand is not completely rendered useless. Plus, movement is actually integral to your injured wrist’s full recovery.

If you are not aware, healing is dependent on the nutrition and oxygen that your blood supplements. And one of the best ways to promote blood flow is through motion. So, by not totally restricting your whole hand and wrist, more blood goes to your damaged muscles and tissues, therefore improving the rate at which you recuperate.

As for the size availability of the product, you have two range options: small/medium and large/extra-large. For specifics, the former is fit for those with a wrist circumference of 5-8 inches. The latter on the other hand can accommodate 8-10 inches of wrist circumference.

Furthermore, if your wrist measurement falls close between the two size ranges, it is highly recommended that you choose the larger one since you can still fine-tune the fit later on. Making it smaller is easier than making it larger.

Pros and Cons

Mueller Green Fitted Wrist BraceAs perfect as the Mueller wrist brace may seem, it also has a flaw. But since this minor fault doesn’t overshadow the good of the product, not even in the slightest, you will barely notice it. But for full disclosure, it will still be mentioned.

Unfortunately, a few customers have claimed that the thumbhole of this brace is quite small, which causes both the index finger and thumb’s skins to rub against each other. Although this does not affect the supportive function of the product, others might find it a bit bothersome.

But essentially, it may have been designed this way to keep your hands in their most natural placement and position. Even though it doesn’t feel natural, it is helping you the best it can.

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