A wrist problem can come in many forms, with issues such as carpal tunnel syndrome becoming more and more common. But damage such as sprains, fractures, and other soft-tissue injuries are also common to this particular part of your body.

Such physical impairments can arise from a simple accident, either sport-related or work-related, with typing/lifting and playing golf/tennis being common causes for the need of a brace.

Regardless of how you incurred the injury, the management can more or less stay the same, but with some variation depending on the degree of harm. To prevent or manage an injured wrist, either a wrist brace (extreme injury) or a supportive wrap (mild injury) is utilized. A great example of the latter is the brand McDavid 513 compression wrist wrap and support.

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Unlike with wrist braces, this compression wrist wrap has no bulk and restriction. So if you have an extreme case of a wrist injury, like a healing fracture perhaps, then this might not be for you. However, if you merely want advanced protection and mild compression for pain relief, then this product will definitely deliver.

Other specifications of the product:

  • Ideal for mild support and pain relief
  • Sizes available: small/medium and large/extra-large
  • Materials: combination of polyester, rubber, and nylon
  • Wearable on left and right wrists
  • Level 2 Advanced Protection


McDavid Inc. has been in the industry of designing sport medicine apparels and protection gear since 1980. From then on, the company has continually produced top quality equipment that maximizes athletic performance and minimizes injury occurrence, up to this very day.

A good choice with sufficient support, leaving the rest of your arm free to move

Although the company was founded in 1980, Dr. Robert F. McDavid, who is the father of one of the company’s co-founders, actually designed his own knee brace back in 1969. This creation later served as an inspiration for the now successful McDavid Inc.

The best use for this wrist wrap is support, while also getting mild compression for soft tissue damage pain control. With that in mind, this product should not be used in lieu of wrist braces, which are intended for injuries needing level 3 maximum protection.

If you, however, want to prevent injuries to your wrist during physical activities such as tennis, then this McDavid wrist support will get the job done. The combination of its lightweight build and optimal stabilization allows you to perform a complete range of motion while also protecting you from undesirable wrist movements.

Compared to most level 3 wrist braces, this wrist support wrap only covers your wrist, leaving your hand and fingers exposed and with complete freedom of motion. This design allows the compression to be focused mostly on your wrist, and with lesser heat retention.

However, even without enclosure of your hand and fingers, this wrist wrap is still able to minimize the chances of extreme flexion and extension of your hand.

The materials also leave plenty of room for your wrist to breathe. With a composition of 65% polyester, 25% rubber, and 10% nylon, this support product is able to yield an elastic-like, yet breathable, quality.

The breathability of a wearable wrist support, as you may or may not be aware of, is essential to the prevention of any skin irritation or unpleasant odor, caused by bacterial build-up. How so, you ask?

Well, by letting your wrist breathe, you are also reducing perspiration. And since microbes are generally drawn to your sweat, preventing any pooling of it also lessens the crowding of bacteria, thus avoiding any reactions like the two mentioned above. Great if you want to be able to wear the strap every hour of the day, including in bed.

Another good thing about the material composition of this specific wrist wrap is its neoprene-free property. This product is therefore safe for you to use even if you happen to be allergic to such an element.

In terms of fastenings, this product by McDavid uses an adjustable strap with a hook and looping closure system. There are several advantages to this method, but perhaps the most obvious one is efficiency.

The adjustability of the strap is also useful in achieving an ideal wrist compression. By allowing you to freely tighten and loosen the strap, you can control the amount of pressure applied on your wrist, ensuring a secure fit and better pain relief.

Furthermore, the strap and the product itself are designed to accommodate both left and right wrists, giving you plenty of flexibility according to your current need. However, using two wrist supports is also not a bad idea if your activity needs the full function of both hands.

This wrist support brand is available in two size ranges. One for small/medium and another for large/extra-large. The corresponding wrist circumference range of the two sizes are 7 inches and under for the former, and over 7 inches for the latter.

Pros and Cons

Despite the compact build, McDavid’s 513 compression wrist wrap and support effectively provide fortification and grip expected from a level 2 advanced protection gear. From its mild compression to its adjustable strap, and elastic breathable material, you are able to use your wrist to the fullest, but with enough protection to avoid any injury.

As a reminder, this item is made to only protect your wrist, minimize strain, and promote healing to some degree. So if you are suffering from a more extreme sort of wrist impairment, such as chronic carpal tunnel syndrome or a wrist bone fracture, then you should consider a stronger option, like a level 3 wrist brace.

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