McDavid 463 Shoulder Support Shoulder Brace WrapA pulled shoulder, or any injury on your shoulder, is never a pleasant experience. Not only is it painful, but it’s also debilitating enough to decrease your daily productivity. But with a shoulder brace like the McDavid 463 shoulder support, a shoulder impairment becomes more bearable.

This shoulder support is made by McDavid to properly protect an injured shoulder. It also relieves pain by applying enough pressure to an existing inflammation. Plus, it’s easy to put on and fits snugly to almost all types of shoulder builds. And, it is latex free.

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McDavid 463 Shoulder Support Shoulder Brace WrapFor the overall design, this shoulder brace features adjustable hook and loop closure straps and is lightweight enough to be worn for extended periods. It is also built with latex-free neoprene material, from its binding to its straps, and cover fabric.

  • Size availability: small, medium and large
  • Fit orientation: both left and right sides


Sports medicine apparel is a tough market, but McDavid Inc. has always managed to stay at the forefront of such an industry. It has continually produced some of the best performance braces out in the current market. And this particular shoulder wrap support is one of them.

Easy to use and fit, with the ability to choose the best compression for your injury

Unlike other brands, the 463 shoulder support brace by McDavid does not require much effort to be donned, even when you do with just yourself. It also saves you from a lot of pain because you are not forced to move undesirably when putting the brace on. This is found to be very useful in conditions like pulled shoulders and strains; wherein even the slightest motion can trigger excruciating agony.

Securing this shoulder support is easy enough to perform thanks to its hook and loop closure straps. But, a secure fit is not the only advantage that this strapping system yields. The shoulder wrap also helps in achieving an ideal compression level to your injured shoulder, which stops further inflammation and swelling, thus resulting in better pain relief.

However, too much compression is bad for any injury, and not just shoulder-related ones. On the other hand, a loose fit will barely do anything to eliminate pain. And it is for these reasons that the McDavid 463 shoulder support uses an adjustable strap so that you can avoid potentially exacerbating your condition.

McDavid 463 Shoulder Support Shoulder BraceWhen it comes to the material build of the shoulder wrap, it uses a neoprene component that also happens to be free from latex.

If you do not know already, neoprene is a synthetic type of rubber which is commonly used in most orthopedic braces, like this one. The reason being is that it is ideal for heat retention, which in turn, helps with healing an injury.

When there is a therapeutic amount of heat confined on your injured shoulder, the veins in that area also opens up. This natural response of your veins allows for more blood to pass through, meaning there will be more oxygen and other vital components transported to your injured limb, which results in faster tissue repair.

Other brands of shoulder support braces have an unnecessary amount of bulk to make up for their lack of full support, rendering them unsuitable for extended use. Fortunately, this shoulder support by McDavid offers a lightweight build, without compromising the level of support it provides, making it viable for longer periods.

Apart from being lightweight, this shoulder wrap is also gentle to the skin. With that said, it is perfectly fine for this device to be worn to bed.

One thing you should remember is that this brace is not only useful for managing a present shoulder injury, but it can also be effective in preventing such physical harm. In fact, you’ll be more inclined to perform at your fullest with this shoulder wrap on since you won’t have to worry about accidentally overexerting yourself because you know you’ll be properly protected.

McDavid 463 Shoulder Support Shoulder Brace - size tableMcDavid Inc. also uses its own unique and patented HexPad technology, which generates a padding system that is durable, breathable, and lightweight.

Such technology is also designed to naturally conform to your body’s natural anatomy, ensuring a maximum and comfortable reinforcement.

Aside from the innovative HexPad technology, McDavid also incorporates either the HydraVent Moisture Management Technology or the ThermaVent Moisture Management Technology in all its products. Depending on the use, these two moisture control features also function differently.

McDavid 463 Shoulder Support Shoulder Brace - measure sizeIf you are in need of a cool and dry use, the HydraVent setup will be the most beneficial. But if what you need is a warm and dry application, then the ThermaVent is more suited for such a situation. Either way, these two moisture wicking technologies will help prevent skin irritations and bad odors.

For sizing, you have small, medium, and large, sizes of the unit to choose from. These sizes also have their own matching chest dimension range, so be sure to refer accordingly.

The following are the corresponding measurement ranges for each unit size, listed respectively: 30-36 inches, 36-42 inches, and 42-50 inches.

If your chest size happens to fall in between, or at least close, to two size ranges, then you should pick the larger one, just to avoid potential mismatch.

If you are female, you might have to make some extra adjustments, either above or below your chest area, just to get that comfortable fit with this shoulder wrap.

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