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Kunto Fitness Elbow Brace Compression Support Sleeve Review

Your elbow is home to tendons and ligaments which, despite being strong and flexible, are still susceptible to tears and impairments.

This can be caused by many things, such as heavy lifting, physically demanding activities, or just plain bad body mechanics. It can happen to anyone, and mostly by accident.

Once you do incur an injury on your elbow, it can present varying degrees of pain, from excruciating to mild, depending on the amount of damage taken.

Regardless, the discomfort is still there, and this can impede your daily activities. One management for this is the use of an elbow brace, such as the Kunto Fitness elbow brace compression support sleeve.


This elbow brace by Kunto Fitness offers amazing protection to your injured elbow. However, it can also be used to prevent such injuries by wearing it during physical performances, such as tennis, golf, basketball, and other sports that require the full use of your arms. It also aids in the full recuperation of your injury through proper compression and stabilization.

Other specifications of the product:

  • Tight, form fitting and breathable compression fabric
  • Size availability: small, medium, large
  • Can be worn on left and right elbow
  • Features non-slip four-way stretch capability
  • Features the Kunto Fitness fabric weave to provide the perfect form fit



Kunto Fitness made sure that this particular elbow brace will work well in both play and rest. Its design can help manage an existing elbow injury while also being capable of preventing one. This gives you a good balance of optimal protection and fast recuperation.

Prevent and heal injuries with just one product

One of the best way to manage pain in an elbow injury is through compression. By applying ample pressure to your inflamed elbow, you can achieve moderate pain relief, thus reducing your level of discomfort. This is most useful in throbbing conditions like tendonitis, golf elbow, and tennis elbow, among others.

Just as mentioned above, this elbow support sleeve also works well without the presence of an injury. In fact, more and more athletes are now using the product whenever they play or train. However, unlike other brands, this one will not restrict the full movement of your arm, giving you the capacity to perform at your best without losing sufficient reinforcement.

In terms of material build, this item is made with a blend of specialized fabric. Admittedly, it may sound generic and vague, but with all the positive feedbacks about the product’s overall feel, it seems to be effective. Plus, Kunto Fitness already has a reputation for making quality products, so you need not worry about this elbow brace’s worth and value.

Keeping the previous paragraph in mind, you can expect the best fit and comfort from this specific elbow support brace. It is also breathable, meaning excessive sweating is aptly abated, which subsequently reduces the bacterial growth commonly associated with increased perspiration.

If you don’t know already, microbes are the usual cause of skin irritations and body odor, so by reducing their number, you also lower your risk of developing such reactions. Furthermore, this particular elbow sleeve has no traces of neoprene, meaning you won’t have to suffer from the itchiness or allergies that typically comes with such a material.

When it comes to the fit, this brace naturally conforms to the normal curvature and shape of your elbow. Whether you have beefy arms or lean ones, you are always guaranteed a perfect fit, thanks to the revolutionary four-way stretch capability of the item. Plus, wearing the brace is just matter of seamlessly sliding your affected arm in it, without causing pain from accidental motions.

Do remember that even though this elbow brace can stretch to accommodate different elbow profiles, you should still get the size that is most appropriate for you. If your elbow circumference is under 10”, go with small. If its 10”-12” then medium size is right. For 12” and above, large is recommended

Furthermore, the fabric weave of this elbow support sleeve by Kunto Fitness create a no-slip performance. No matter how physically involved your current activity is, this product will never let go of your arm, allowing you to perform to the fullest without distractions.

Another benefit that you get from this item’s firm fit is optimal immobilization. For an injured elbow to properly heal, ideal stabilization must be applied to it. You can only achieve this by using an elbow brace with incredible construction, which is something that this specific elbow brace definitely possesses.

Although it’s true that this elbow sleeve is able to deliver the best support that an injured elbow needs, the full range of motion of your affected arm still remains. This is not only useful for letting you achieve peak performance as mentioned above, but it will also promote your full recovery.

Damaged muscles and tissues need blood to fully heal. And although your body already circulates blood automatically, movement can improve its flow even more. So, by wearing an elbow brace that doesn’t limit your arm’s movement, you can also increase the passage of blood towards your injured elbow, thus improving the speed at which you convalesce.

Pros and Cons

The Kunto Fitness elbow compression brace offers phenomenal protection and pressure application to your injured elbow, which aids in pain relief and prevents harmful extension and flexion of your affected arm. It also yields an uncompromising and no-slip fit, leaving you with full control over your arm’s movement without losing any support.

Furthermore, with the breathable and non-neoprene composition of this elbow brace, you no longer have to deal with skin itching or producing an embarrassing stench.

Summary All in all, the Kunto Fitness elbow brace compression support sleeve performs all its functions with efficacy and efficiency. Whether you are recovering from an elbow injury or looking for a support brace that can keep up with your intense physical workouts, this brand won’t fail you.

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