IntelliSkin Mens PostureCue V-Tee posture corrector shirtThe IntelliSkin Men’s Posturecue V-Tee is designed to maintain the proper posture of the upper body which gives its wearer both a pleasing straight stance and improve the way the muscles handle the weight of the lower back.

Besides straightening out your posture, the IntelliSkin Posturecue V-Tee is also highly recommended for therapeutic applications such as aiding in supporting the weight of the entire back area while recovering from muscle sprains caused by workouts, body fatigue and back injuries as well.

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The support that this posture brace offers its users alleviates the pain caused by injuries by giving the muscles that support the weight on the entire upper body the right amount of compression that reinforces all the muscle groups in the upper and lower back, leading to a faster recovery time. Besides the obvious physical therapeutic benefits that the IntelliSkin V-Tee offers, it is also highly recommended for daily use as it offers a convenient means of keeping the posture of your back always well aligned all throughout your spinal column, greatly reducing the occurrence of neck pains caused by the weight of the upper back from “slouching”.

It is recommended for use during long trips in which you are required to spend most of your time seated in a car, bus, train and airplane, in which the pressure inflicted on the back muscles can cause back pains and muscle sores due to prolonged sitting and vehicle vibrations.


IntelliSkin Mens PostureCue V-Tee posture corrector shirtThe Posturecue V-Tee materials provide this posture brace with a comprehensive amount of elasticity all throughout its design, particularly it’s back portion in which most of the pressure is exerted in pulling the important muscle groups. The back portion of the IntelliSkin V-Tee has two elastic shoulder bands that run from the front shoulder, all the way back down to the thoracic region of the back.

Also, the obliquus and dorsal muscles are efficiently given the right amount of compression by the fabrics that are conjoined to the back area. This literally pulls the entire chest and lower back area, along with the dorsal muscles to one certain point in which the upper back is located.

Besides from being light and comfortable, it also repels moisture, giving you a substantially drier feeling, compared to that of wearing a conventional cotton shirt. The fabrics are also bacteriostatic, meaning that it inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria, keeping you fresh all day long.

The IntelliSkin Posturecue V-Tee comes in two variant colors, and their prices are still quite reasonable considering the convenience that it gives as it can be casually worn as an under shirt while being comfortable and offer you the ample back support that you need. As far as we’re concerned the Men’s V-Tee is one of the best posture braces that we have come across so far that is worth the price that you pay for.

  • Materials: 78% Nylon and 22% Spandex
  • Breathable and light
  • Quick drying for repelling moisture and good wash quality
  • Five sizes: small to XX-large

IntelliSkin Mens PostureCue V-Tee posture corrector shirtFeatures:

Cleaning and Maintenance: Washing the Posturecue V-Tee means using cold water to maintain the fabrics integrity as any water temperature higher that 30 degrees can ruin the fabrics. Hand washing is highly recommended since subjecting this posture brace shirt in a washing machine could cause snags on the fabric. Ironing is prohibited since extreme heat can eventually melt it.

Breathable, comfortable, yet just the right amount of support and movement for your upper body

Additional Tips: A frequently asked question is how long should I wear the IntelliSkin shirt? Watch the short movie at the bottom of this page, and that’s all explained by the manufacturer. The conclusion is that you should follow the advice of your health care specialist, but the manufacturer recommends to listen to your body. Fatigue and discomfort are the important signs to take off your shirt. You can start with 30 minutes and build that up to a couple of hours. If you feel well, you can even continue wearing the Posturecue V-Tee longer.


Extremely light that it is no more than as heavy as a conventional shirt. Its combination of Nylon and Spandex fabrics offer a snug fit while giving the right amount of comfort that lets air to freely circulate all over the garment. And since synthetic fabrics are more durable than conventional fabrics, the Men’s Posturecue V-Tee is ideal for daily wear as it can easily be washed and hung dry for a little less than an hour in which you can already wear it since its wash and wear.

Elasticity does have an advantage since fabrics that can adjust to the shape of the wearer can easily conform to the anatomical features of the body along with giving a comfortable fit. The general idea of having a posture brace with physical therapeutic benefits that can be conveniently be worn as easy as a conventional shirt is one of the best features and is ideal for daily wear. Also, it is interesting to know that the Posturecue V-Tee is highly resistive to UV (ultraviolet) rays that you can conveniently hang it out to dry under direct sunlight.


Very prone to snagging which causes the nylon and spandex fabrics to run, leaving unsightly threads to hang out of it. Also, special note should be given to the way it should be washed, as any water temperature higher than 30 degrees can eventually render the fabrics to shrink.

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