EquiFit ShouldersBack LiteThe EquiFit Shouldersback Posture Support Lite is a posture corrector that was specially designed with the help of orthopedist and physical therapists to reduce the tendency of the upper back from bending forward. This posture brace was intentionally made to give comprehensive coverage to the thoracic region of the upper back (the area below the cervical vertebrae) and the lower rib cage.

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The EquiFit Shouldersback Posture Support Lite is highly recommended for daily use regardless of what type of physical activity that you indulge in, whether that be in work, exercise, or just the need to straighten out your crooked posture. One advantage of wearing the EquiFit Shouldersback Posture Support Lite is that it is the first alternative solution in reducing those chronic neck and back pains that are commonly related to spending too much time sitting in a wrong position.


The EquiFit Shouldersback Posture Support Lite straightens the upper back along with relieving the strain on the neck and lower back by regaining the center of gravity of the entire spinal column. This results in a straighter posture, balancing the weight equally on the lower back and the lumbar muscles.

Since the lower lumbar area has the thickest bone density in the spinal column, the entire weight of the torso should be centered here. And since the upper back has a slightly thinner bone density, it is only natural that pain will eventually develop in that region due to the weight that it has to carry caused by the chest that drags the weight forward.

  • Made from PowerMesh
  • Four-way stretch means it can be used for a range of activities


Being made from purely synthetic materials, the EquiFit Shouldersback offers its wearer the convenience of optimum comfort by the way it allows adequate air circulation all throughout the garment. Comprising mostly of Nylon, Ryon and Polyester fabrics, this posture brace can pull the substantial amount of weight being carried by the upper body, particularly the chest.

Cover for your entire upper back, with straps offering support and the right pressure

The main back portion of the posture brace is mostly made of Polyester fabrics that hold the entire posture corrector together despite having a minimal design. The back part of this posture support pushes the entire thoracic area inward, forcing the chest outward, giving its user a straight posture. The shoulder support is made from a combination of Nylon and Ryon along with having a Velcro strap for easy shoulder width adjustment.

The lower chest area is also supported by a Velcro strap that wraps around the entire rib cage as it secures the upper back, inhibiting the entire posture brace to move, making it very secured. Being “Lite” as it is, the entire posture corrector weighs just around 6.4 ounces, which is hardly noticeable when one is wearing it. Because of the lightweight qualities of the materials used, this model can be conveniently worn directly without the use of any undergarments.


One of the best features that the Posture Support Lite has is its minimalistic design that goes well with any type of clothing that you plan to wear over it. Being able to wear it directly without feeling that you are wearing a posture corrector is very ideal since you can even keep this posture corrector on you for the whole day, which is good when it comes to developing a good posture.

The EquiFit Shouldersback Posture Support Lite’s durable design also makes it stand out as one of its good features that whichever way you look at it can provide a reliable posture support for your upper back while getting that comfortable snug fit. Also, not forgetting that this posture corrector was designed with the help of orthopedists and physical therapists among others, ensures that you are getting the right form of back support that you need.


As far as the design of the EquiFit Shouldersback Posture Support Lite is concerned, non of the least that we can think of. Considering its designed and to what purpose that it was made for, The EquiFit Shouldersback Posture Support Lite is perfect for the purpose that it serves.


For what this back brace is offering, it has a very sharp price for a high-quality product. It’s great in alleviating the muscle and neck pains that you usually get while working all day long. Also, considering the price that you are paying for it, wearing it, is like wearing any other undergarment which is hardly noticeable.

Cleaning and Maintenance of the EquiFit Shouldersback Posture Support Lite:

The only thing that you have to look out for when cleaning the EquiFit is to take special care in washing it. Since it is made of synthetic materials, washing it in water temperatures of more than 30 degrees could damage the fabrics, causing it to shrink and fray. Also, avoid machine washing as the fabrics tend to rip when caught in sharp objects.

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