Ease Pain Kyphosis Dancing Belt Review

The Back Corrector Ease Pain Kyphosis was designed to give adequate support to people who frequently perform in dance competitions and who regularly subject their bodies to forces that could eventually dislocate certain portions of muscles and bones in their thoracic region. The design of this posture corrector also finds good therapeutic use in alleviating serious back conditions such as Kyphosis or more popularly called the “hunchback syndrome”.

The Ease Pain Kyphosis Supporter is made using high quality synthetic materials such as polyethylene, nylon, polyurethane, polyester and resin. It was designed to be strapped on the back, along with an abdominal girdle that is strapped underneath the rib cage area. The main spinal support of this posture corrector is made from a polyethylene mesh that is conform with the cervical shape of the spine. There is also a wedge made of wood that functions as a fulcrum that keeps the thoracic area perfectly aligned with the spinal column’s vertical downward direction, giving its users a perfect straight posture.

For people who love to spend the entire night dancing, this posture brace is a good way of reducing the amount of stress being incurred on the back, especially if they are performing dance routine movements that require them to bend backwards, applying excessive pressure on the lumbar region. This leads to muscle pains and even excessive pressure on the bones beyond what it can normally accommodate.

As for people who suffer from Kyphosis, the Back Corrector Ease Pain Kyphosis Supporter is a very ideal means of reducing the abnormal development of the “hunchback” syndrome as this posture corrector inhibits any further malformation of the affected area, leading to the correct development of the spine. The product weighs in at around 11.2 ounces and is delivered straight to your doorstep through free shipping.


Quality and Materials Used:

Made using synthetic materials to provide a convenient means of wearing it without any discomfort to the back, the Ease Pain is a posture corrector that uses a polyethylene spinal support that limits the tendency of the thoracic region to bend forward. What’s more interesting is that besides the polyethylene support column, the main support is integrated with a wooden block that keeps the entire support column erect, particularly when used while dancing.

What’s nice about its design is that the wooden block also functions as a catch when a dancer dips below, enabling the hands of their partner to support the back area effectively while keeping it from exerting excessive pressure caused by the upper body’s weight. As a matter of maintaining the ability of the spinal column to withstand the excessive forces comparative to that of incurring whiplash. The main support straps of this posture brace are made from a combination of cotton and nylon fabrics that are intertwined to provide ample support while enabling adequate air circulation all throughout the support brace.

The main shoulder straps go through the collarbone and the shoulder blades to effectively pull the entire chest area outward. A secondary pair of abdominal straps is wrapped around the rib cage functioning as a girdle that secures the entire support column, inhibiting the chest from falling forward. The straps of the Back Corrector Ease Pain Kyphosis are all equipped with Velcro to enable users to conveniently remove it as whenever they want without giving them any difficulty of being able to put it back on.


The Kyphosis Supporter New Dancing Belt Round Back is not only considered as a posture corrector but is also a posture brace that has lots of benefits, especially for those people that are manifesting signs of the “hunchback” syndrome. Not only is this posture corrector a suitable means of maintaining a straight figure, but can also be a protective back support for dancers during their performance. The weight support straps are very good, along with the use of an ergonomically designed polyurethane support column, which has a wooden fulcrum that stabilizes the entire upper back.


We were just wondering why the manufacturer opted to use a wooden fulcrum as they could have just made the same design using the same polyurethane plastic material instead. This makes the Kyphosis Supporter Dancing Belt a bit difficult to wash and clean since you would have to avoid getting the wooden fulcrum wet as it would eventually degrade after prolonged exposure to sweat and moisture. If a plastic material was used instead, it could make cleaning it a little easier.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

Cleaning this posture brace might be a thing that most people should learn to understand since there are certain segments of this posture corrector that must not come in contact with water. Since the polyurethane plastic mesh also includes a wooden fulcrum on the backside, you would need to use a light brush to clean any amount of accumulated dirt on it. As for the rest of the fabrics, you can just wash it by hand using warm water to loosen any type of sediments that might have been embedded on it with the help of a light detergent. Machine washing is prohibited to maintain the fabric’s consistency, as well as ironing since most synthetic fabrics are highly predisposed to shrinking and fraying when subjected to high temperatures. Also, avoid dry-cleaning it since there are certain chemicals that could damage the fabrics and eventually ruin the integrity of the materials.


We find the Kyphosis Supporter New Dancing Belt quite reasonable priced, considering that it is made using imported materials. The quality and craftsmanship that went into making this posture corrector was very satisfactory with regard to the materials and way the seams were all sewn together.

Additional Tips:

If you really suffer from a hunchback posture you should consider doing some special exercises in addition to wearing the Ease Pain Belt. BuiltLean put together a great video showing you exactly what to do!


The Back Corrector Ease Pain Kyphosis Supporter has been proven an effective means of reducing the effects of back pains and muscle sores related to dancing. It has also proven itself to be able to give the right amount of support to people who are currently recuperating form various traumatic back conditions that need ample protection to their back until such time that they are completely healed from their condition. Most importantly, the product was also proven to be able to thwart the advancing effects of Kyphosis, as regular usage has shown significant improvements of the user’s posture. The way this posture corrector was designed to support people who frequently dance along with those who use it for specific medical back conditions was quite useful in both providing therapeutic benefits while blending in seamlessly with the user’s wardrobe.

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