Cincher Womens Posture Back Brace Support BeltThe Cincher Women’s Posture Back Brace Support Belt is a lower back support brace that was intended for weight support of the lower back area, particularly the lumbar muscles.

It gives the lower back muscles a reinforced compressive squeeze to enable it to bear the weight of the upper body, most notably for people that are struggling with weight problems.

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The Cincher back brace was also made for regular daily use, in the case of people that have to frequently bend about to do their work, which may include lifting weights or spending the whole day on a chair in front of a desk.

But, among the most important feature that the belt was really made for is to ascertain in assisting people who had gone through various back related injuries, particularly those who have suffered slip discs and lower spinal injuries which are common among weightlifters. The design of the brace features a full metal lower back support frame that is embedded in a synthetic fabric cover that is anatomically crafted to conform with the curves of the lower back area which was designed explicitly for women.

The entire lower back area including the abdomen is securely bound by an elastic waistband that compresses the whole lower body region. The three adjustable elastic waistbands are made from durable polyester fabrics that are intertwined with rubber fibers that tighten the abdominal and lumbar muscles, reinforcing the lower back from the weight of the upper body. The upper part of the body, particularly the shoulders are also bound from the shoulder blades, all the way to the collarbone area in which pushes the chest outward, giving the wearer an upright, straight posture.

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  • Weight: 1.1 pounds
  • Tan, black and white available
  • One size fits all


Women have a very different anatomical feature when it comes to their skeletal structure, particularly their lower back area. It was this particular reason that the belt came about as it was specially made to conform to the feminine curves of a woman’s lower back area. This posture brace has a special lower back support metal frame, which was specially designed to conform to the shape of the lower back ergonomically.

Support for the entire back area, as Cincher understands it isn’t just the painful part that needs care

The main function of this metal frame is to keep the lumbar muscles, including the lower spine in a constant upright position while accommodating the weight of the upper body. This gives the muscles of the lower back less effort in maintaining the entire weight of the upper torso, especially when a person needs to lift weights and move it around.

As much as aesthetics is concerned, it was specifically made to help people with certain back ailments, recover from their injuries while keeping the weight off the affected area. For short, the Cincher support belt was made to be a therapeutic posture brace while maintaining the wearer’s straight posture.

There are some compromises that should be noted when you are required to wear this posture brace, and that is about the elastic waistband that binds the lower back and abdominal area. As in most cases where elastic waistbands are used, direct contact with the skin after prolonged use can cause irritation and in some cases, rashes due to the fabrics’ inadequate capacity to effectively circulate air. As a consideration, the use of undergarments under the posture brace is highly recommended.


We found this posture brace to fit exactly right into most people’s budget. Along with having been made using quality materials, the Cincher support belt could well be considered as one of those posture braces that can effectively help in straightening your back while providing ample support to your lower back with just the right price tag.


The Cincher belt was made for the specific purpose of giving the lower lumbar the right amount of applied pressure to the muscles to enable it to support the weight of the upper body. We just liked the idea of a metal frame fashioned to conform to the anatomical features of a woman’s lower back, and they really did an excellent job in making it sure that it comes out a sure fit.

Also, we really liked how the entire back support has comprehensive coverage of the lower back. The posture brace was built to last along with the way the manufacturers used high-quality materials, especially the elastic waistband. The convenience of wearing it also is a useful feature as the posture brace can easily blend in with your existing wardrobe; whether that is for formal or casual wear.


The only thing that we can find that will be a major issue is the metal frame used to reinforce the lower back area. The issue of oxidation and rusting comes to mind since a metal frame embedded into a fabric mesh may develop rust stains after prolonged use. Since there are no other materials sturdy enough to hold up to maintaining the shape of the lower back area, a metal frame seems to be the only type of material that can effectively keep the lower back in proper alignment with the rest of the posture brace.

Although plastic materials have also been considered as an alternative to its main back support, it is not as durable as a metal frame can be with regard to handling the pressure of supporting the lower back.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

Special cleaning conditions should be noted when maintaining the Cincher support belt as you have to keep in mind that it has an embedded metal frame inside. Direct washing to the back support area may cause the metal frame to eventually rust, causing rust stains to appear on the fabric’s layer. It is advised to manually scrub off that particular area using a hand brush to remove accumulated dirt.

As for the rest of its fabrics, the use of moderately warm water would effectively soften the dirt along with the use of light laundry detergents. Hand washing is highly recommended to avoid moisture from getting into the metal frame on the lower back support. The use of lukewarm water is advised as not to compromise the integrity of the elastic waistband.

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