Bracoo Breathable Maternity Back Support Prenatal Support BracePregnancy is a delicate phase, and every pregnant individual has their own way of coping with it. So, your adjustments and needs might not be the same as somebody else’s. But, if there is one common problem you can expect along with other expectant mothers, throughout the whole 9 months, it’s the back pain.

This is usually brought by the enlargement of your abdominal wall and the additional weight that comes with it. To manage this, you can wear the Bracoo breathable maternity back support, which is a binder to help reinforce your back, hips, and lower abdomen, as your belly grows. It’s also one of the only few products of its class that can effectively provide support in just one available size.

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Made from ultra-soft fabric, this maternity binder feels gentle around your abdomen and lower back. It also delivers optimal compression and upward lift to your baby bump. Furthermore, this prenatal support belt comes in a uniform width but is still stretchable.

Securing the Bracoo belt is handled by a Velcro strap at the front. The fit can also be adjusted via dual Velcro straps on both your left and right sides. This model is only available in just one size, but it can fit up to 46 inches of the hip circumference or 20 in standard US dress size.

  • Adjustable and stretchy to adapt to natural curvature
  • Can be used after birth to regain postnatal posture


Bracoo is a company mostly known for its athletic supportive apparel, but that didn’t stop them from creating another supportive product intended for pregnant women. Such dedication and years of innovation then led to the production of this impressive maternity belt, which expecting mothers are now raving about.

Perfect for supporting your back and lifting your bump during pregnancy, and readjusting your spine after the birth too

When you look at this pregnancy binder by Bracoo, you’ll notice that it has somewhat a singular width, unlike other brands that typically have wider covers either at the front or the back. With such uniformity, weight distribution becomes more even, giving you better balance during use.

To wear this binder, simply wrap it around your waist with both tips open at the front. Afterwards, position the non-Velcro strap against your lower abdomen first, then secure it by placing and attaching the Velcro end over it. With such a binding mechanism placed up front, it’ll be much easier to reach compared to having it at the back as seen in other brands.

Unfortunately, despite the convenience and efficiency that Velcro provides, it is still prone to latching on to certain fabrics. With that said, you might have to pick a layer of clothing that won’t adhere to Velcro, should you decide to wear the device to over it.

However, wearing this maternity belt over your bare skin is also fine. But, do keep in mind that if you strap-on the Velcro poorly, to a point where it overlaps to even just a tiny area of your abdomen, there’s a chance it’ll cause skin irritation.

On a more positive note, this abdominal binder is stretchable, allowing the fit to conform to your back and baby bump’s natural curvature. With such a snug fit, an ideal level of compression is achieved, which will help avoid uterine prolapse.

For better control of pressure application, this pregnancy back and belly support band is equipped with two outer belts that can be secured at both sides via Velcro. This ingenuity gives you the ability to freely adjust the tightness of the item until you find a fit that feels most comfortable to you.

Upward lift is also another big factor that determines whether a maternity support belt is good. Fortunately for you, this one not only delivers an optimal lift to your baby bump, but it also does so gently.

When your uterus expands to make room for your developing child, your abdominal wall is pushed out, creating a bulging appearance. This physical alteration will not only add to your overall weight, but it will also be focused more at the front and at the center of your gravity.

Because of this, your back will be forced to arch to compensate for the imbalanced weight distribution, preventing you from accidentally leaning forward. Normally, you and your body are capable of handling this change, even up to your third trimester, coupled with proper rest. The only problem is, it will cause a great deal of pressure and soreness to your lower back.

To help alleviate such discomforts, this breathable pregnancy belt of Bracoo will lightly lift your baby bump up, just enough to relieve the burden on your back. While this is happening, your lower back is also being stabilized, giving you great pain relief.

Speaking of stabilization, your pelvic bones, particularly the pubis, become more susceptible to instability the more your abdomen expands. This is because the greater the weight at your tummy area, the harder it will be for you to maintain good posture. Thankfully, this maternity support belt can also help keep your pelvic area in place, thus promoting better posture control.

After you give birth, steadying your pelvic region becomes even more important. Luckily for you, this maternity band can stay viable even in such situation. With just a few positional adjustments, you’ll eventually end up with ideal post-pregnancy pelvis posture correction.

In term of size options, this maternity back support only has one. But it can accommodate a hip circumference of up to 46 inches. This is useful especially when you’re already halfway through your pregnancy and don’t want to be confused by choosing between multiple sizes.

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