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AZMED Maternity Belt, Breathable Abdominal Binder, Back Support Review

Seeing your newborn baby will be one of the most fulfilling moments you’ll experience as a woman. But before you can get to that joyous occasion, you have to go through 9 whole months of pregnancy, which is not the most pleasant period of having a baby. The back pains, mood changes, cravings, and irregular sleep pattern, can all attest to that.

However, this is not to say the entire 9 months will be full of misery since there will also be delightful instants you can experience with your baby only during such time frame. Plus, some pregnancy discomforts can easily be managed with the right means, such as a maternity belt for back pains. Speaking of which, the AZMED abdominal binder and back support is a fitting example of the perfect pregnancy belt.


This maternity belt by AZMED is available in a single size, but it does fit all. It also stretches naturally and is secured via Velcro strap. Plus, the material used for this particular maternity belt/abdominal binder is soft and breathable.

Aside from lower back pains, this supportive device is also ideal for preventing hip instability, which is likely in pregnant women. It also promotes better body positioning and protects the sensitive muscles stretched by your expanding uterus.


During pregnancy, your body will undergo a lot of changes, internally and externally. These changes can range from alterations in hormone production to variations in appetite, and plenty more. But perhaps the most obvious transformation seen in your pregnancy is the growing belly, which the AZMED maternity belt can help support.

Your uterus is an organ made up of strong and highly malleable muscles, which also happens to be the main housing for your growing baby. As you advance through your pregnancy, your uterus will stretch out in order to accommodate your evolving child.

This increase in size is what causes your abdominal muscles to expand, thus creating your baby bump. Although this physical development won’t cause any distress during the early phase of your pregnancy, but later on you’ll start feeling some discomfort brought by the added weight of such change.

To help with that, this specific binder is designed to support your growing baby bump, while also protecting the stretched muscles of your abdominal region, particular the lower part. This extra reinforcement will also facilitate proper posturing, thus relieving you of frequent back pains.

The increasing weight of your baby bump will also put your center of gravity and all bones in and around it at risk of instability. If such bones, particularly the pelvic and pubic symphysis, become unstable, it can cause a great deal of pain. Luckily, preventing such conditions is one of the many aims of this particular pregnancy abdominal binder.

Aside from keeping the bones in your pelvic area stable, the AZMED pregnancy binder will also help minimize the upward and downward pull of your growing abdomen, especially while walking. This will give your back enough support to comply with your movements, with little to no pain.

Balance is another issue that you’ll inevitably face as you progress with your pregnancy. And just like with most of the problems mentioned above, this too is caused by the continued bulging of your baby belly.

Fortunately for you, wearing this maternity support belt by AZMED will optimally distribute your pregnancy weight. Therefore, chances of accidental lean, whether forward, back, left, or right, will all be properly abated. This will spare you from a lot of hurts that could potentially harm your baby.

When it comes to wearing the binder, doing it by yourself is not that hard, well at least in the earlier stages. Since this particular support belt uses Velcro strap, the donning on process will be a lot more efficient and effortless.

However, the closer you get to your due date, the harder it will be for you to move on your own. Thus, you might have to ask your husband to help you with securing the device on this time around.

Velcro straps are, unfortunately, prone to catching on to some of your clothes, so you might want to watch out for that. And even if you choose to wear it under layer, there’s also a chance that the Velcro might overlap to your skin which can trigger irritations. But as long as you strap it on right, this won’t be much of a problem.

In terms of size availability, AZMED has apparently decided to produce this particular pregnancy binder under a universal size. But such singular sizing can actually fit up to 46 inches, which is actually to your advantage since you no longer have to choose between different size ranges, only this one.

Another great thing about this abdominal binder is its breathability. This implies that the device is capable of providing good aeration to the areas that it covers. But how can I really benefit from this, you ask?

Well, having a breathable maternity belt reduces the chances of moisture build-up brought by heat retention. This, in return, will help inhibit pooling of bacteria which are naturally attracted to wetness, ultimately preventing skin reactions.

Please be reminded that despite all the amazing benefits that AZMED provides to pregnant women via this amazing maternity binder, it still won’t get rid of any underlying medical condition you might have. Such situation is best handled by your OB/GYNE or other specialists.

Final Verdict

Overall, the AZMED maternity belt is as its name suggests. It is breathable, which is good for keeping your lower abdomen and lower back well-ventilated. It also provides optimal back support, giving you amazing pain relief and help you maintain proper body posture.

If you are starting to feel your baby tummy weighing you down, accompanied by onsets minor back pains, then wearing this abdominal belt will help alleviate such distresses. It will not only help keep you safe, but it will also assist your baby’s full development while inside you.

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