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Aircast A60 Ankle Support Brace Review

Aircast a60 ankle support brace

Sports or any other athletic activities involve a great deal of physical effort and movements, which is why physical injury is also one of the most common problems that an athlete can encounter.

The type of physical injury can also depend on the activity you are doing. If your current sport or physical act requires a lot of footwork, then you’ll also likely be susceptible to injuries related to your ankle. This can range from a simple ankle sprain, to ankle inflammations, among plenty more.

This is where the product Aircast A60 ankle brace comes in. Not only is this particular ankle brace effective in rehabilitating your injured ankle, but it also prevents the occurrence of it. So if you are looking for an ankle brace that performs as impressive as its sales figure, then this product will not waste your time.


One of the best selling point of the A60 ankle support brace by Aircast is its lightweight and unobtrusive build. It managed to get rid of the usual bulkiness that comes with most common braces for ankles, while also not compromising the support and comfortable fit that such product should possess.

Other specifications of the product:

  • Foot orientation – usable on both left and right
  • Product Function – prevention and rehabilitation
  • Material composition – Breath-O-Prene® material and Latex-free
  • Binding Method – velcro strap
  • Size Availability (shoe size) – small (6.5 and below), medium (7-10.5), large (11+)


Just as mentioned above, the A60 Ankle Support Brace made by Aircast excels in both preventing and rehabilitating ankle injuries. It is packed full of amazing features that will help you in both aspects, which is also why it is adored by many athletes, both professionals and amateurs.

An ankle support which will restrict any further injuries, but still promotes movement and active lifestyles

Similar to other common ankle braces, the A60 also provides its own stabilizers, which comes in a pair for this particular brand. The stabilizers found in this unit are also shaped at a 60° angle which greatly contributes to the prevention of ankle rollovers, and the reinforcement of injured ankles.

When it comes to its general composition, this specific item is mostly made with the Breath-O-Prene® material. It is a material that promotes breathability, which is important in the prevention of perspiration build up. Plus, the product is also latex-free.

If you are not already aware, perspiration can build moisture, which then breeds bacteria and even fungi. These bad elements are what causes skin irritations and malodorous smells, which are common results of restrictive and heavily enclosed wearable gears. But with the help of the breathable material that the A60 is manufactured with, you won’t have to worry about such problems.

Aside from its high-grade material, this product also sports a lightweight design, which makes it possible for it to be used during your extensive physical performances, without actually getting in your way. And even though it has gotten rid of most of its bulk, optimal support still remains, which is ideal for those undergoing physical therapy.

As for the fitting, this specific wearable equipment uses a single Velcro strap for securement. Unlike the lacing method, Velcro strapping is a lot more efficient and less time consuming to do. It is also simpler to secure and holds firmly, giving you the convenience of wearing it in a shorter time and with minimal effort.

This Aircast-made ankle brace also supports the weakest area of your ankle, but without limiting your range of motion. This promotes a non-restrictive ankle reinforcement while still maintaining the ability to move your foot (like dorsiflexion and plantar flexion), which is important not only for your optimal performance but also for your full recovery, should you sustain an ankle injury.

While it is true that immobilization of an injured area is significant for preventing further damage, movement is also just as pertinent. Motion promotes blood flow, and the more blood that goes to your injured body part, the faster the recovery will be. So by wearing an ankle brace that encourages both reinforcement and range of motion, you also heal that much quicker, and without much pain.

As far as viable activities are concerned, Aircast’s A60 ankle support brace can be used on just about any land-based sports and athletic acts. It is land-based only since the product is not water-proof, and won’t perform well with any water sports. Although, the item is hand-washable.

Your normal sports footwear, like shoes, can also be worn over this ankle brace, which is perfect if you play baseball, basketball, tennis or any other sport that requires foot wear. Furthermore, the A60 Ankle Brace can also be worn on either foot. So unless both your left and right ankles are injured, one brace will more than suffice.

Pros & Cons

The Aircast A60 ankle support brace is lightweight and fits comfortably. You can barely feel it’s there! It is also made with high-quality breathable material and easily secured with its Velcro strap.

It works well for preventive and rehabilitative purposes. A great support for moving around while you are on recovery.

The main issue with this ankle support brace is with the sizing, which seems to be on the small size. So you may want to order a size larger for a better fit. It may not also be the best choice for people who have swollen feet.

Summary Different methods and techniques have long been developed to take care of ankle injuries. And one of the most effective type of such procedures is the prophylactic ankle wrapping, wherein a bandage is used to strap the injured ankle to help stabilize it. But a more advanced version of this, called ankle bracing, has also made it into the spotlight, which utilizes a brace instead of a strap for the same concept. Overall, the Aircast A60 ankle support brace is a product of great value. It has the right fit, the ideal unrestrictive support, and the optimal performance, that all braces should have. If you want an ankle brace that is effective in both preventing ankle injuries and also in helping you recover from one, then this product should be on your shopping list.

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