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Best orthopedic support braces

MedicalBraces.org braces and supports relieve pain, promote blood circulation, and activate the self-healing powers of your own body. Our high-quality support braces are not only available for a wide variety of body regions, but also work with different modes of action depending on your personal needs – integrated magnets strengthen the blood circulation. With the right brace, you are doing something really good for your body!

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Colecast orthopedic braces for pain relief

Supports and medical braces are orthopedic aids that are usually made of soft and elastic materials in the form of strips. These support braces are designed to protect the joints from overuse injury or take the pressure off the joints after an injury and help relieve muscle pain.

How does orthopedic braces work?

The compression knitted fabric of medical aids basically has an important function: to build up compression – that is, pressure. In the enveloped area, this causes an improved coordination of the musculature and thus also an increased stability. But what exactly is meant by increased coordination? The movement with a suitable brace massages the surrounding tissue, as a higher pressure is on it and thus stimulates the blood circulation. The stimulated blood flow provides the areas with better care; swelling subside and the healing of injuries is accelerated.

Why should you buy a support brace?

Do you have pain in your joints and are you looking for an orthopedic aid? Then you’re right with us! Many people have problems with their joints more than once, be it from an injury during exercise or age-related wear and tear and diseases like osteoarthritis. Depending on the problem, the complication may or may not be resolved with a surgical procedure. If the condition isn’t acute but still painful, a brace can provide long-term and short-term relief. You can use the support braces for:
  • Treatment of injuries
  • Protection during sports
  • Pain relief for complaints
  • Relief from inflammation

Support bandage or orthopedic brace – what’s the difference?

If you search for support bandages online, you will come across the term braces or orthopedics again and again. Both are orthopedic supports, but differ in their structure and the materials used. Orthopedic braces have a more complex design and are less elastic than bandages due to their stronger components. For this reason, this medical aid is usually individually adapted to the patient’s body by orthopedic mechanics. For this reason, orthopedic braces are mainly used to stabilize, immobilize and correct joints and parts of the body. Support bandages, on the other hand, are characterized by their elasticity. For this reason, medical aids can also be worn during sporting activities and in everyday life without restriction. Basically, a distinction is made between two different types of bandages: Either you use the term for elastic bands that are wrapped around the relevant part of the body, or the term describes the more elegant and already prefabricated variant of the models made of so-called compression knit. The elastic material has a certain elasticity with a simultaneous support effect. In our range you’ll mainly find the second variant of the bandage. In addition, some of the articles also have magnets or silicone inserts to promote and relieve the natural healing process.

Pain-relieving braces suitable for everyday use

Orthopedic support braces are also suitable for long-term use. In particular, certain professional groups repeatedly suffer from complaints due to excessive stress on certain joints and parts of the body. To stop long-term damage and pain, the aids can be worn all day without any problems. Since the supportive effect of the brace is activated by movement, you can take them off during the night without hesitation and allow the affected part of the body a touch of rest.

Orthopedic braces work for joint inflammation

The warming aspect of the braces is particularly interesting for patients with joint inflammation such as osteoarthritis. In addition to the stabilizing and relieving effect, the special rheumatic braces with copper threads even have excellent heat conduction. Both the stimulation of the muscle culture and the improved blood circulation through the warmth and light pressure massage loosen tension and improve the diffusion of the cells. This means that mass transfer between the cells is improved by the brace and pollutants are removed more quickly.

What should be considered when buying support braces?

There are a few basic factors to look out for when buying medical braces. First of all, the right support brace must be found for the relevant part of the body. If you do not want to use elastic bands to stabilize your joint, there is a specially shaped brace for almost every part of the body. In our shop you’ll find braces products for: Probably the most important criterion when choosing a suitable orthopedic support is the size. Depending on the model, you can choose from shapes with Colecast or over-stiffening. For example, knee supports are increasingly available in tubular form. While the size of the adjustable models with Colecast can be individually adjusted, the circumference of the respective joint must be measured for the continuous braces. Please note the information in the item description.

Support braces for back problems

Bad posture and tension

Sitting or standing for long periods is part of everyday life for most people. Unfortunately, this increasingly leads to incorrect posture. We tend to drop our shoulders forward and fall into a hunched position. This and therefore the often insufficiently trained back muscles lead in the long term to tension, pain and possibly herniated discs.

Support belts correct the posture

In order to prevent incorrect posture of the spine during the working day, there are specially designed back support belts. Depending on the model, the elastic material encloses the waist, back, stomach and shoulders. Back belts which will be placed over the shoulder, upper and / or lower back support the spine and correct poor posture. Additionally, the brace has a shaping function and gives you a uniform silhouette.

Back straps with support function

In addition to the models that also include the shoulders, we also have special back straps in our range. These surround the rear and stomach area, promote an upright posture and at the same time shape your figure. The support belts are especially recommended for discomforts of the intervertebral disc and a weak abdominal muscle culture. Our tip for you: you should use posture braces for the back to support exercises to build up back muscles and not wear them for too long. Long-term and permanent use can lead to a reduction in the muscle culture.

Joint braces with heat function

In our range you’ll find specially developed support braces for painful and inflamed joints. If your joints are repeatedly exposed to heavy loads during work, this can take its toll in the long run. For example, if you write a lot on the computer or work a lot with your hands, a wrist support brace is recommended.

Pain relief for rheumatics

Fine copper threads were woven into the high-quality textile fibers. The metal is an excellent conductor of heat and thus promotes – in addition to compression – the blood flow to the bandaged part of the body. Especially for rheumatics or people with osteoarthritis, these support braces can alleviate discomfort and offer protection against overload. In our shop you’ll find joint supports for the following parts of the body:
  • Ankle and ankle
  • wrist
  • knee
  • Elbow

Kidney warmer with support function

A kidney warmer, also known as a hip or body warmer, is used to keep the lumbar region warm. The basic function of the wide, belt-like band is to supply heat to the front and rear lower back. The soft, fluffy material keeps your core warm and gives you an all-round pleasant feeling. In addition to their warming properties, our kidney warmers have a supporting function. Similar to back support belts, they help straighten your own posture and provide relief from back problems.

Braces to stabilize the metatarsus and toes

Our feet have to withstand a lot of stress every day and it’s not uncommon for them to hurt after work is done or already during it. To give you relief, there are special Orthopedic braces for the foot. Orthopedics for the metatarsus and forefoot are available in our shop in different designs. You can find pain-relieving support braces with silicone cushions for metatarsalgia (load-dependent pain in the metatarsal area), orthopedics for treating splayfoot and foot braces for straightening the big toe. The latter has a gentle effect on bony deformities such as hallux valgus, relieves the joint and alleviates discomfort caused by friction in the shoe.

Cross braces for ankles and knees

Almost everyone will twist their ankle at one point in their life. Often the outcome is mild, but in most cases an ankle sprain occurs. The affected joint swells clearly because the tissue bleeds into it. If the ligaments or bones are severely injured, surgery may also be necessary. Usually, however, the affected joint is splinted, relieved and treated with physiotherapy for 6 weeks.

Support braces for the ankle

Have you had an ankle injury in the past and are looking for a way to relieve and prevent irritation, painful episodes, and re-injury? Then you are well advised with the ankle braces from our range. In addition to warming models and orthopedics with magnets, we also have special medical braces with adhesive fasteners for you in our range. Thanks to the closure, the brace can be precisely adapted to your joint and protect it from overload. Due to the unisex size, you do not need to pay attention to the right size. In addition, the ankle brace prevents further twisting while wearing.

Brace to relieve the knee joint

The medical brace for the knee joint works according to the same principle. Thanks to the adhesive fastener, you can adjust the brace individually and this guarantees you a superb fit. The medical brace relieves and supports your knee joint, both during sport and during the stresses caused by work or private life.

Magnetic brace

As far back as ancient China, magnets were used in medicine to relieve pain and accelerate the healing of injuries. Especially in pain therapy, many patients report an improvement in their symptoms through the use of magnetic brace. The support braces with integrated magnets available from us are often purchased for the following joints:
  • Knee brace
  • Back brace
  • Wrist brace
  • Ankle and ankle brace
  • Shoulder brace