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Pure Compression Copper Recovery Elbow Sleeve Review

Pure Compression Copper Recovery Elbow Sleeve Review

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For athletes and active individuals who frequently use their hands when playing, their elbows are usually prone to injury. Elbows are easy to injure and take long to heal, due to the fact that our hands are always in use and moving.

To help your elbows recover from injury, one method is to wear an elbow sleeve. Elbow sleeves have in use for a long time and have been proven to be a big help in the rehabilitation of hurt, damaged elbows. Today, a modern elbow sleeve unit that utilizes some of the latest developments in sports medicine is the Copper Compression recovery elbow sleeve of Pure Compression.

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  • Making use of excellent materials such as polyester, spandex, soft fibers
  • Key substance is the copper infused in the garment together with nylon
  • Soft, flexible form allows great range of motion for your elbow
  • High-wicking materials keep you warm and dry, be it from perspiration or outside precipitation
  • Lightweight does not give the feeling of encumbrance
  • Comes in many different colors, suitable for the taste of men and women and be it teenagers or adults


The mnemonic “RICE” is quite familiar with many athletes and it is compression which is the main objective of the makers of the Copper Compression recovery elbow sleeve. This Pure Compression made sleeve is specifically designed to target swelling that is experienced in most elbow injuries. This elbow sleeve will surely help in your rehabilitation of your arm. Combining it with the other three – rest, ice, and elevation, it shouldn’t be long before your elbow is restored to 100% running condition.

Long before the advent of modern science, civilizations of long ago have already used copper in healing treatments. What Pure Compression have dubbed as “magical properties” of copper is actually the element’s anti-microbial qualities that promote healing. Such is what is utilized by the copper compression elbow sleeve. It is not just some “placebo” effect at play when you use this to nurse back your injured elbow.

The materials of the copper compression elbow sleeve have been designed specifically towards the speedy recovery of your arm, especially the injured portion of your elbow. The lightweight material provides very little encumbrance while the shape of the elbow sleeve gives the needed support while your elbow is still not at normal capacity.

Your arm will also feel snug and warm with just enough ventilation. Keeping the muscles warm is always an objective especially for those with an active lifestyle and this elbow sleeve lets you do just that.

Pros and Cons

Many of those who tested out the Copper Compression recovery elbow sleeve were impressed with it. The length of the sleeve provided the needed coverage for almost any type of elbow injury, supporting the entire elbow area especially in the hard to reach places of swelling. The size of the Pure Compression elbow sleeve also means your entire elbow area is kept warm and dry as you go about your activities. And you can continue using it even at night as you carefully lie down, injured elbow in check.

The soft material is another reason why many really felt comfortable with the elbow sleeve. The combination of the polyester, spandex, nylon and copper felt really great hence some do not mind wearing it even at night. Being comfortable with the elbow sleeve is important to the wearer as this translates to being able to stay on the rehab and recovery program. Muscles and joints heal at the targeted pace and everything feels so normal, even with the presence of a support elbow sleeve.

Finally, the Pure Compression elbow sleeve does not affect the elbow’s range of motion so you still are useful and not really that handicapped.

The copper compression elbow sleeve might feel a bit long for short persons or for those who have abnormally short hands. There are those who seem to have not felt enough support when wearing this particular elbow sleeve.

Most of all, some are not too comfortable wearing an elbow sleeve while doing sports activities and might feel bothered by its presence as they use their arms. It may take some time getting used to moving your hands while wearing an elbow sleeve.

Finally, although the materials of this elbow sleeve have been selected in particular to prevent itching and rashes, there are individuals who might have an adverse and allergic reaction to it like the polyester and the nylon.

Final Verdict

Elbow sleeves have already proven themselves able to aid in the speeding up recovery of the injured elbow. With the new design and technology introduced by the copper compression elbow sleeve, effectiveness and helpfulness of healing are further enhanced and boosted even more.

The copper compression recovery elbow sleeve has been used by several professionals in the treatment of their arm injuries, help them stay in tip-top shape, bring about and maintain their A-game. The list of professionals that have used this includes NFL players such as linebackers and quarterbacks, bodybuilders and weightlifters, hockey players, track stars and gymnasts. But that is not all as there are also common people like working men and mothers.  All of them have attested to the effectiveness of the copper compression elbow sleeve of Pure Compression.

This special elbow sleeve will definitely suit your purpose of getting back a strong, reliable elbow for all of your activities. Use its healing properties so you need not stay much longer at less than 100% of your capacity. Combined with a great rehabilitation regimen from your doctor and enough rest and sleep, your arm and elbow will be as good as new and can be even stronger.

It will provide support for your injured elbow, keep it cozy and warm as the injured tissues and muscle fibers regenerate and restore themselves, while not affecting blood and oxygen circulation. Pretty soon, your elbow will feel as good as new and you are ready to get back to running and playing.