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Gabrialla Elastic Maternity Support Belt Review $

Gabrialla Elastic Maternity Support Belt Review

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Pregnancy is a very sensitive phase for a woman. It will cause your body to undergo a lot of changes, both from the inside and out. Your abdomen will swell, your appetite will change, and it will affect you in a deep and personal level. But one problem that seems to stay common in all pregnant women is the back pain caused by the growing baby bump.

This can easily be managed with the use of a pregnancy support binder. There are many brands of this device out there, but perhaps one of the best examples of which is the Gabrialla elastic maternity support belt. From optimal lower back and abdomen support to hip stabilization, this particular brand does it all, plus more.

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This maternity belt is made from a combination of 80% polyester and 20% lycra fabric. It’s easy to wear and has a soft cottony feel to it. Although wearing it over some layer of clothing is still the advice of the manufacturer. Available sizes range from small, medium, to large, X-large, and 2X-large. All sizes are also adjustable.

Aside from the secure strap up front, this product also provides 4” wide Velcro adjustments to both sides so you can make additional fit tunings without removing the entire band. It also has a 6” wide back cover with pocket, in the case of hot/cold therapy.


This elastic maternity belt is every bit as what Gabrialla claims it to be. It protects your back, enhances your balance, and is comfortable enough to be worn all day. But this feat is not that surprising since Gabrialla is already known for making top quality support devices, such as this one.

A lot of specialists have also recommended this particular binder because of its excellent back support and therapeutic benefits. But just to be on the safer side, you should always let your OB/GYNE know when you’re about to wear devices like a supportive abdominal band.

When looking at this Gabrialla elastic binder, you’ll notice that it has a thinner front cover, while the back has wider protection. The reason for this is to balance out the weight distribution to your back and lower abdomen, thus maximizing the upward lift of your growing baby bump.

By implementing a good upward lift, your distended abdomen won’t weigh your down as much, which relieves your back of any pressure. This simple yet effective mechanic is just one of other means this Gabrialla pregnancy belt can implement in order to lessen the pain and strain on your lower back region.

When it comes to donning and securing this supportive device, a Velcro strap will be provided. When you already have the belt in position, you can simply strap it on at the lower center of your baby belly. Furthermore, by putting the strap at the front, you can reach it much easier compared to other maternity bands that need to be locked at the back.

However, if it’s getting harder to reach under your belly area, which is to be expected the bigger your abdomen gets, then it might be best to ask your significant other to help out. It’s also worth noting that Velcro can attach easily to certain types of cloth material, so consider this before you pick out a layer you want to put this maternity belt over on.

Like mentioned above, this abdominal binder by Gabrialla also provides two Velcro adjustments, both to your left and right. This allows you to re-adjust the fit whenever needed, while still keeping the device on. Not only is this convenient on your part, but it also gives you better control over fine-tuning the level of support you require all throughout your three trimesters of pregnancy.

As you progress in your pregnancy, the more it will be difficult to perform daily tasks, even as simple as walking. But, if you have this support belt on, your weakening posture will be properly compensated, allowing you to maintain ideal body positioning and continue with your active lifestyle.

Bone instability is another issue that you can potentially incur during pregnancy. This condition usually affects your hip and other surrounding bones in it the most, since they carry the majority of your added weight. But by keeping your hip well-stabilized, this specific elastic maternity band is able to decrease the likelihood of such problem.

Aside from promoting good posture and optimal balance, this maternity belt also encourages proper blood flow to your back through therapeutic heat retention. By doing so, more oxygen essential to tissue repair will be distributed to the surrounding areas, especially to your lower extremities. The increased blood circulation will also yield optimum nourishment for your growing baby.

Speaking of blood circulation, a warm compress is another great technique for promoting it. And this specific maternity belt has just the thing for it. If you inspect the back of the unit, you’ll see a pocket where you can put in your hot pack to apply heat.

The same pocket can also be used for a cold compress. Applying this will soothe the soreness at your back area, thus contributing to even better pain relief. Interchanging between hot and cold compress will give you the best combination of proper circulation for healing and controlling inflammation for alleviating pain, respectively.

Another benefit of this pregnancy support binder of Gabrialla is minimizing stretch marks. You see, even when your baby bump is at its full expansion, the weight it bears can still cause your abdominal skin to stretch out. So, by keeping your enlarge tummy well-supported, the skin on it are held intact, thus preventing further distention.

Final Verdict

Overall, the Gabrialla elastic maternity support belt is a product that delivers on its promises. Its ingenuity with its back pocket, flexibility with its side wing fasteners, and expediency with its front Velcro strap, makes this product worthy of all its high praises.

If you’re planning to have a baby soon, or even if you’re already close to your third trimester, this Gabrialla product is the best to get out of the rest.