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EVS Sports SB03 Shoulder Brace Review $

EVS Sports SB03 Shoulder Brace Review

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If you are currently experience a shoulder injury, then you should wear a protective gear called a shoulder brace. One good example is the EVS Sports SB03 shoulder brace, which is primarily designed to help support rotator cuff injuries, as well as manage other forms of shoulder damages. It also sports a unique design that trumps other similar brands and is guaranteed to win you over.

Rotator cuff injury is one of the worst types of impairment you could ever experience. Although it is typically more prevalent in athletics, people who do a lot of heavy lifting and repeated shoulder movements on a day-to-day basis are also at risk for it, along with other types of physical harm.

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EVS Sports SB03 Shoulder Brace SupportMost shoulder braces use only one strap for securement and pressure adjustment purposes, but with the EVS Sports SB03, you get 3 varying length compression straps. Furthermore, this shoulder brace is created from vented neoprene component as well as a breathable air mesh construction.

This support brace also uses the latest adjustable arm closure design produced by EVS Sports. Plus, it sports a universal no snag design as well, along with an amazing X-strap technology. The sizes available are small, medium, large, x-large, and xx-large. For more accurate measurements, please refer to the size chart

EVS Sports SB03 Shoulder Brace Support on tableFeatures

The SB03 shoulder brace of EVS Sports is manufactured using vented neoprene material, which is a kind of synthetic rubber that helps retain heat, to a therapeutic degree that is. Not only will this provide great pain relief, but it will also help your injured shoulder heal much faster.

Introducing heat to your damaged limb helps the veins in and around it dilates, which simply means to open up. When such process happens, more blood is able to pass through, thus more oxygen is transported along with other nutrients, which are both important for tissue repair. Therefore, when there is an increase in the blood flow, the quicker your shoulder heals.

With the EVS Sports SB03 brace the vented property of the neoprene component also helps in keeping your shoulder and the area around it free from excessive moisture build-up. This is further enhanced thanks to its breathable air mesh construction. Both of these features aims for only one thing, which is to prevent skin reactions.

Itchiness and even body odor are typically caused by the collection of bacteria, which occurs when there is too much pooling of sweat in one area of your body. Thankfully, with the well-ventilated build of the EVS Sports SB03 shoulder brace, you won’t have any of those pesky skin irritations, nor the musky stench.

Speaking of skin irritation, underarm chaffing is a reaction that is not uncommon to most shoulder braces. But you won’t have that with this particular brand, which is thanks to its adjustable arm closure. Plus, it also helps you adjust the fit accordingly, which works even better in concurrence to the unit’s TPR gripper pull-tabs, guaranteeing a precise fit every time.

Pressure application is another technique that helps with relieving pain, and should be one of the focus feature that every shoulder brace must have. Fortunately for you, the SB03 shoulder brace by EVS Sports has an amazing compression adjustment capability.

EVS Sports SB03 Shoulder Brace Support - great designJust as mentioned in the previous section, this particular support brace model of EVS Sports offers 3 different length compression straps, which really sets it apart from the other brands. Plus, with its X-strap technology, you have greater range on how much pressure you want to apply on your shoulder, compared to other similar devices.

Pressure, as you may or may not be aware of, is an effective means for controlling pain-causing swells, which is an expected sign in most cases of shoulder injuries. So, by giving the ability to adjust the compression rate to your liking, you can easily attain an ideal compression rate that has the best therapeutic effect. This also decreases the likelihood of tight or loose fits, which could complicate your condition.

Aside from the compression control, this EVS Sports shoulder brace’s unique strap system also helps with keeping your injured limb in place, but without restricting too much of your range of motion. This makes the SB03 support just as effective in preventing injuries during heavy workouts and other activities that involves repetitive shoulder movements, ensuring that you still get to perform at your fullest without losing support.

Furthermore, movement happens to be another factor that promotes blood flow. So, by allowing you to modify the level of immobilization applied to your shoulder, while also providing therapeutic heat, this shoulder brace will definitely help you recuperate faster.

As for the sizing, this unit can come in small, medium, large, x-large, and xx-large. For point of reference, use the following chest size ranges, from the smallest to the largest, respectively: 30-36 inches, 36-40 inches, 40-44 inches, and 44-48 inches.

With regards to fit orientation, this SB03 model can accommodate either left or right shoulder, thanks to its universal no snag design and EVS Sport’s unique shoulder support system. With this much versatility, you won’t be forced to buy another unit whenever you incur a new injury on the other limb.

Even though this product looks and works effectively as it should, it still has its flaws. One of such flaws is in its neoprene material build, which renders the unit unfit for those with allergies to such component.

Another noted issue is that, a few customers are having trouble donning the device on their own, and usually ends up needing another person’s help. The reason is quite often the immobilized shoulder that prevents easy movements to get into the shoulder brace. Nevertheless, the EVS Sports SB03 shoulder brace works successfully as intended once put on. 

Final Verdict

All in all, the EVS Sports SB03 shoulder brace does its job with the utmost efficacy. It relieves pain, prevents further harm to your affected limb, and promotes faster healing. It also allows you to adjust how much restriction is applied to your injured shoulder, which some brands fail to provide.

As long as you have no allergies to neoprene, this medical brace will work well with any injuries you may have on your shoulder.