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Bracoo Breathable Neoprene Ankle Support Review $

Bracoo Breathable Neoprene Ankle Support Review

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Day in and day out, athletes face the risk of incurring all sorts of physical injuries. And since most of these sports activities involve the use of the feet. Foot and ankle injuries are also some of the likeliest damages an athlete can incur. One good way to remedy this is through ankle bracing.

Ankle bracing is not only used for preventing harm to your ankle, but some ankle braces can also assist you in recovering from a sustained injury. A good example of such product is the Bracoo breathable neoprene ankle support. It can be used for both prevention and rehabilitation of ankle-related problems.

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The breathable neoprene ankle support made by Bracoo is lightweight and easy to use. It also provides optimal ankle and foot support, without being too restrictive of your foot’s movement. Plus, it uses straps in lieu of laces, which makes it easier to wear and secure.

Other specifications of the product:

  • Can be worn on both feet
  • Only one size (fits up to 11-inch of feet arch circumference)
  • Open heel design allows for better mobility
  • Contoured design makes it easier for personalized adjustments
  • Made from neoprene material which retains heat


One of the most important features that all ankle braces should possess, is breathability. For the Bracoo ankle brace, it uses neoprene material to achieve such function.

Neoprene, or also known as polychloroprene, is a kind of synthetic rubber that yields impressive adaptability to an extensive range of temperature. This is important since the more you move the more heat you produce. So by having a material that can withstand extreme heat, your performance and comfort level remains unchanged. This will also help injured or inflamed ankles recover that much faster.

Just as mentioned above, breathability is essential in ankle braces, since it prevents the build-up of moisture brought by excessive perspiration. Bacteria are naturally attracted to your sweat, and the more you produce it the more they gather, which then causes smelly body odor and skin irritations. So by minimizing extreme sweat production associated with intense physical activities, no reactions, and malodorous smells will pester you.

Sadly, there are people who are allergic to neoprene. So if you are one of them, then it might be in your best interest to forego from this particular material. Safety is, after all, a number one priority.

As for the overall design, the Bracoo breathable neoprene ankle support uses a framework that easily conforms to the natural contour of your foot, ankle, and heel, giving you that solid fit and support. This design also yields optimal pressure to your ankle, which is essential if you are still recuperating from an injury.

When it comes to securement, this Bracoo brace uses crisscross straps to hold the ankle in place. With this method, your ankle is firmly stabilized and will keep you from accidentally doing extreme plantar flexion. Aside from preventing foot slip-ups, this strapping technique also guides your ankle joint and Achilles tendon to all the right motions.

This product also offers an open heel design, which greatly contributes to your overall range of motion. With this, you have optimal control over your foot’s movement, which is important for performing at your best. This also adds to better ventilation of your foot and encourages you to get back into an active lifestyle quicker.

Taking the previous paragraphs into account, you can tell that the Bracoo breathable neoprene ankle support is able to provide pressure, support, and movement, to your ankle. All three of these are vital to the recovery of an injured body part.

Pressure prevents further swelling and inflammation, while ample support helps in the immobilization of the injured area, thus preventing any additional harm. Movement, on the other hand, promotes blood flow, ensuring that the damaged muscles and tissues receive proper oxygenation and nutrients, which are paramount to healing.

The Bracoo ankle brace can also fit on both feet. So unless you are suffering from two injured ankles, you can get by with just one. Although, if you want to train or perform while wearing a brace on each foot, then feel free to do so.

Besides its barefoot use, this brace can also be worn over your socks, which contributes to better protection. Furthermore, the gear is also thin enough to be paired with most shoes, while also remaining inconspicuous. With these in mind, there is no doubt that the Neoprene Ankle Support by Bracoo will be able to easily adapt to your lifestyle.

For the exact fit, this specific brace model can accommodate most feet dimensions, thanks to its one-size-fits-all design. However, anyone with a feet arch circumference above 11” might be out of luck with this one.

Pros and Cons 

The product is made with the high-quality breathable material, meaning you can perform itch-free and stench-free. Plus, its crisscross Velcro straps provide optimal support and seamless binding. And thanks to an open heel design, you still get ample range of motion.

For your speedy recovery, the Bracoo brace provides the necessary combination of optimal pressure, support, and movement, which are all vital to the process of healing. Furthermore, both men and women can easily wear the brace, which promotes equal benefits and performance.

The unisex capability is not the only two-fold advantage of the Bracoo ankle brace. It is also wearable on either foot, giving you the flexibility to wear it as you see fit.

Sadly, the product has no size above 11-inch of feet arch circumference. Fastening it too tightly also has the tendency to cut off circulation to your foot.

The Bracoo ankle support is not ideal for people with neoprene allergy.

Final Verdict

The Bracoo breathable neoprene ankle support is a brace that serves it many functions well. If you want an ankle brace that promotes faster healing- through proper support, ample pressure, and measured movement- while also being as effective in preventing ankle injuries, then you can’t go wrong with this one.